New Book – Elaine Stratford: Geographies, Mobilities, and Rhythms Over the Life-Course (Routledge)

30 Nov New Book – Elaine Stratford: Geographies, Mobilities, and Rhythms Over the Life-Course (Routledge)

In this new work, Elaine Stratford takes up the call for more work on the politics of mobility, for studies that engage more often and more fully with emotional geographies, and for insights that draw on lived experience.

Stratford starts with the idea of the interval. In studies of mobility and rhythm, and of the geographies they engender, the interval also marks a pause of indeterminate length in which there is space for things to happen. Two intertwining weft threads run the length of the book: How do we conduct ourselves? And, so we may flourish and create conditions for flourishing to spread, how might we conduct ourselves?

Six case-study chapters provide the warp threads dealing with (a) life before birth and some of the puzzles affecting the pre-embryo, embryo, and fetus; (b) life for young island children and questions about territory, sovereignty, and citizenship under climate change; (c) life for teenagers and younger adults who seek to use the spaces that constitute settlements in ways that they deem playful and others deem disrupting; (d) life for adults engaged in commuting, that ‘daily grind’ wherein we try to dwell-in-motion, and which is increasingly subject to acts of violence; (e) life for older adults coming to terms with the changing nature of embodiment by developing and maintaining fitness and well-being; and (f) life for the oldest old, and the final journeys that they make to what Shakespeare called ‘the undiscovered country’.

These essays are critically concerned with our journeys over the life course, with their geographies, mobilities, and rhythms, and with the extent to which their conduct enables us to thrive. Singly and as a larger tapestry of work, they make novel and substantive contributions to human geography and a number of allied fields.

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