Environmental Themes in Popular Narratives – Special issue deadline 30 May 2016

12 May Environmental Themes in Popular Narratives – Special issue deadline 30 May 2016

Special issue call for Journal Environmental Communication: deadline 30 May 2016

Environmental Themes in Popular Narratives

The purpose of this special issue of Environmental Communication is to explore and analyse a number of prominent environmental narratives conceived and reproduced in different venues.  Despite the increasing presence of environmental discourses in our societies, such specific textual and visual narratives remain under-researched in many disciplines. While studies of the formulation of environmental ideas and visions have been done in some fields, notably literature and film studies, results from this vein of research have largely failed to spill over in a meaningful way into other areas of environmental studies. For instance, surprisingly little exchange between eco-critical and media studies has taken place – a crossover that seems especially pertinent considering increasing media coverage of environmental change and concerns. Similarly, while there is some research on the conceptualization of future technologies in science fiction, this has mainly focused on popular culture such as film and literature, but has rarely connected to fields of science and technology studies or organizational studies as areas where contemporary strategies, visions and policy for future technologies and energy alternatives are drawn up. We invite submissions from areas of inquiry related to the mediation of environmental narratives as well as cognate disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Submissions from non-Western contexts are particularly welcome and non-narrative considerations of science and popular communication are also encouraged.

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