Fungal Wonders of the Arboretum and Surrounds

Mycena epipterygia. Image: Alison Pouliot

16 Apr Fungal Wonders of the Arboretum and Surrounds

The National Arboretum Canberra presents two fungus workshops with natural historian and environmental photographer, Alison Pouliot.

These workshops introduce participants to the diversity, ecology and curiosities of the Kingdom Fungi, specific to fungi found in the region, but also within wider Australian and international contexts.

They include an interactive and illustrated seminar on the major fungal groups, fungal ecology, and the natural and cultural history of fungi. A great array of fungi from the local area and beyond will be displayed, discussed and examined during the workshop.

Following the seminar, participants will take part in a hands-on identification session where they will learn to recognise and differentiate the various diagnostic characteristics used to identify fungi in the field, using specimens and other resources. The importance of fungal conservation will also be discussed in the context of local ecosystems and environmental issues. After lunch we will partake in an exciting foray through various forest and habitat types of the arboretum to search for species of interest.

Dates: Thursday 26th April and Friday 27th April 2018

About the presenter: Alison Pouliot is a Visiting Fellow at the College of Science, Australian National University. Her PhD examined fungi across continents and cultures.

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Feature image: Mycena epipterygia by Alison Pouliot

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