Centre For Deep Reading Winter Retreat

13 Jun Centre For Deep Reading Winter Retreat

The Centre For Deep Reading is inviting expressions of interest for our Winter Reading Retreat at Tyraman Retreat in the Hunter Valley from July 3rd – 12th, 2018.

What is the reading retreat?

The retreat is a temporary reading collective made of fifteen people (plus special guests). The collective is bound by the act of reading and living together amidst reading. The conceptual core of the retreat is to read alone together. The guiding intuition is that individual reading energy combines into a group dynamic of attentive immersion.

What will we read?

Readers propose their own reading program. The theme of the winter retreat is Land and Country and we invite proposals responding broadly to this theme. Indigenous history, settler history, land use, ecology, literature from the Hunter Valley and Australian literature more generally are examples of areas that readers might focus on.

The retreat is ideal for getting around to reading things you always mean to but never actually do. It’s also a good place to tackle texts that both seduce and intimidate you.

There is one set text for the winter retreat and we ask all participants to read Alexis Wright The Swan Book (copies will be available at the retreat).

For more details, or for questions or inquiries, please email: centrefordeepreading@gmail.com

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