CFP: Multispecies Justice (University of Sydney, June 2019)

18 Dec CFP: Multispecies Justice (University of Sydney, June 2019)

Thinking and Enacting Justice in a Multispecies World
June 12 – 20 2019
The University of Sydney

In June 2019, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney and the Sydney Environment Institute will host a series of four international symposia to work in a focused and exploratory way on the question of what justice means in a multispecies context. The events are being held as part of the Faculty’s recently funded research initiative on Multispecies Justice.

Series Highlights:
The four linked symposia will each comprise a more formal set of presentations and an extended round table for reflection, discussion and project planning. Each of the four will examine multispecies justice through a specific theme or set of questions:

Theme 1: The moral, legal and political status of humans, animals, and the environment
Theme 2: Climate change, nonhumans, and relational impacts
Theme 3: Economic justice, human and non-human
Theme 4: Extinction and biocultural conservation

We are inviting participants to present new and exploratory research. The work presented will form the basis for an original publication in the form of an edited volume or special issue of a journal. Each symposium will also be the basis of a multi-authored ‘state of the field’ paper to which participants will be invited to contribute. We hope that the conversations commenced during the symposia will be the basis for future collaborations.

Confirmed speakers:
– Ravi Agarwal, independent artist, photographer, environmental campaigner, writer and curator, India.
– Dr Maan Barua, University of Cambridge.
– Professor Tony Birch, University of Victoria, Melbourne.
– Professor Marisol de la Cadena, University of California, Davis.
– Sria Chatterjee, PhD Candidate, Princeton University.
– Associate Professor Mel Y. Chen, University of California, Berkeley.
– Dr Matthew Chrulew, Curtin University.
– Dr Alasdair Cochrane, University of Sheffield.
– Professor Jacque ‘Jody’ Emel, Clark University.
– Assistant Professor Stefanie Fishel, University of Alabama.
– Professor Claire Jean Kim, University of California, Irvine.
– Associate Professor Lauren Rickards, RMIT University.
– Professor Makere Stewart-Harawira, University of Alberta.
– Professor Petra Tschakert, University of Western Australia.

Abstract Submission:
Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words and a brief biographical statement to Professor Danielle Celermajer at by 5pm Friday February 1 2019 (AEST).
If you would like to discuss the project or your ideas, please feel free to send an email.

Suggested Topics:
We are open to proposed papers on any topic within the broad space of multispecies justice. Possibilities include:
• Conceptions and practices of justice in a multispecies context/Thinking beyond liberal/individualist conceptions of justice;
• The legal and moral status of beings beyond the human;
• Dealing with conflicting claims/interests in a multispecies context;
• Intersections between multispecies justice and critical race, gender, postcolonial, disability and queer theory and political practice;
• Multispecies justice, political institutions and social and political movements;
• Storytelling and other aesthetic practices across species;
• The role of aesthetic and poetic thought and practice in imagining, representing and enacting multispecies justice;
• Multispecies methodologies;
• Entangled biological and cultural forms of loss.

University of Sydney Organising Committee:
Conveners: Professor Danielle Celermajer and Professor David Schlosberg
Researchers: Dr Francesco Borghesi, Associate Professor Thom Van Dooren, Associate Professor Jay Johnston, Associate Professor Julia Kindt Dr Astrida Neimanis, Dr Dalia Nassar, Professor Iain McCalman, Dr Killian Quigley, Associate Professor Susan Park Dr Rebecca Pearse, Ms Michelle St Anne, Dr Dinesh Wadiwel, and Associate Professor Anik Waldow.

Image: “We don’t chop down the trees” by Nick Kenrick (CC BY NC SA 2.0)

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