CFP: STREAMS – Transformative Environmental Humanities (Stockholm, April 2020)

12 Jul CFP: STREAMS – Transformative Environmental Humanities (Stockholm, April 2020)

An International Environmental Humanities Conference
Hosted by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory,
Stockholm, Sweden
5–8 August 2020

The past decade has seen the emergence and rapid growth of a new field of inquiry: the environmental humanities (EH). From the scholarly ‘turns’ of the humanities in the 1990s and 2000s and the increasing demand on science and scholarship to face global challenges, a broad gathering of humanities disciplines emerged and fostered this field.

Now encompassing a number of highly visible academic journals, book series from acclaimed academic publishers, and broader outreach opportunities, environmental humanities have reached a critical moment when it is relevant to convene for a larger meeting. This international conference will continue to experiment, envision and set out future directions for environmental humanities research and teaching, and strengthen their intersections with the social sciences, arts, technology, and the sciences.

The primary purpose of STREAMS is to invite diverse communities of EH practitioners to come together to share work, advance ideas, and craft new imaginaries that can shape present and future transformations. These aims are especially important in the current moment when it seems impossible to imagine or pursue alternatives to the multiple socio-ecological crises taking place around the world.

Who Will Participate?
EH developed as a broad and experimental field of perspectives and practices within academia and beyond. We welcome researchers, artists, activists, writers, filmmakers, journalists, practitioners, policy-makers, and scientists—everyone who wishes to contribute in shaping pathbreaking, indeed undisciplined, imaginaries for the transformative environmental humanities of tomorrow. In order to address a growing concern about academic travel, the conference will provide opportunities for remote participation through featured talks, e-conferencing (e.g. Zoom meetings), or other kinds of virtual interactions. In the tradition of the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory’s commitment to societal engagement, the programme will also include public events co-organized with activists and open to a wider public.

There will be a limited number of travel grants. Please include in your submission a statement requesting the grant. Specify also whether your participation requires financial support or not.

We look forward to your application and to see you in Stockholm in August 2020!

For further information and to download the call for papers please visit the conference website.

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