New Environmental Thinking, Melbourne

21 Aug New Environmental Thinking, Melbourne

A One-Day Symposium
Monday 9th September, 10am – 4pm
Deakin Downtown, Level 12 Tower 2 -727 Collins St, Melbourne

The Humanities have been making a valuable contribution to thinking about the environment for many years.  This one-day symposium presents some recent thinking about the natural and cultural environments from some leading researchers and writers in the Humanities, including the three founding editors of the ‘Cultural Studies of Natures, Landscapes and Environments’ series with Intellect Books in the UK.

Speakers are:

  1. Warwick Mules: ‘Seeing from the edge of the world: the inhuman gaze, automation and nature.’ Warwick is Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University. He is the author of With Nature: Nature Philosophy as Poetics through Schelling, Heidegger, Benjamin and Nancy(Intellect 2014) and Film Figures: Figural Analysis of Narrative Film (Bloomsbury, forthcoming).
  2. Emily Potter, et al: ‘A Manifesto for Shadow Places: re-imagining and co-producing connections for justice in an era of climate change.’ Emily is Senior Lecturer in Literature and Creative Writing in the School of Communications and Creative Arts at Deakin University. She is the author of Writing Belonging at the Millennium: Notes from the Field on Settler-Colonial Place (intellect Books, forthcoming 2019).
  3. Rod Giblett: ‘The Anthropocene is the Anthropobscene to the Symbiocene.’ Rod is Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Communications and Creative Arts at Deakin University. He is the author of Modern Melbourne (Intellect Books, forthcoming 2020), four previous books with Intellect Books, three recent books with Routledge, three books with Palgrave Macmillan, as well as Cities and Wetlands (Bloomsbury, 2016), Postmodern Wetlands (Edinburgh UP, 1996) and recent creative environmental fiction centred around dragons.
  4. Elliot Patsoura: title tba. Elliot is a doctoral candidate in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. His interests centre on the intersection between the history and philosophy of biology, continental philosophy and psychoanalysis. His research has appeared in Angelaki and
  5. Rachel Fetherston: title tba. Rachel is a PhD candidate in the School of Communications and Creative Arts at Deakin University.
  6. Alexis Harley: ‘Enlightenment aesthetics, nineteenth-century natural history, and the conservation values that came next.’ Alexis is Lecturer in English in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University. She is the author of Autobiologies: Charles Darwin and the Natural History of the Self (Bucknell University Press, 2016).
  7. Michael Chew: ‘Good news for (a) change?: photo-storytelling approaches to youth north-south dialogue’. Michael is a PhD design student at Monash University doing action-research in photographic-storytelling for environmental action across Australia, Bangladesh and China exploring some multi-species ethnographic perspectives towards photographic analysis.
  8. Zoe Coombs: tba. Zoe is a PhD candidate in the School of Communications and Creative Arts at Deakin University.

Each paper will be followed by questions and answers. A general discussion will be held at the conclusion of the Symposium on the papers and on the environmental humanities in Melbourne and Australia.

For more information contact Rod Giblett

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