CFP: Restoring Forests in Times of Contagion

17 Apr CFP: Restoring Forests in Times of Contagion

Call for papers

Restoring Forests in Times of Contagion

We are seeking papers on the history and policy of tree planting to restore Australian and New Zealand forests and landscapes. They will be published on-line concurrently as a collection in October 2020 to mark John Evelyn’s birth in 1620.

Papers should reflect on the ways Australia and New Zealand have encouraged tree planting since the 1870s and more recently for revegetation, development offsets and carbon capture to combat global warming.

Co-ordinators: Cris Brack, John Dargavel, Peter Kanowski, Libby Robin, Mike Roche and Ben Wilkie


The coincidences of Evelyn’s time and ours extend beyond the need for trees. Just as the Royal Society published John Evelyn’s Sylva or a Discourse on Forest Trees in 1664, England was hit by the Plague. Just as we were planning a conference forest restoration, we have been hit by COVID19, but we will persist by publishing short papers on the Australian and New Zealand Environmental History site,

Just as Evelyn was appalled by waste and deforestation, so are we in many of our landscapes. Evelyn wrote Sylva as a textbook on restoring the English forests. Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet re-wrote it in 2014 for twenty-first century Britain as The New Sylva. We need to restore our Southern Hemisphere forests and landscapes in ways that consider our own history, environment, changing climate and ravaging bushfires. This collection of papers will examine our endeavours so far.


  1. Expression of Interest. Please let us know of your interest so that we can keep you well informed. Send email to
  2. Abstract by 30 June. Please send title and 50-100 words abstract to
  3. Paper by 30 September. 1000-2500 words with any images, illustrations, maps etc. that will be posted along with the main text.
  4. Publication by 31 October.
  5. Further development. Opportunities for a collection or individual papers can be discussed.

Further information: John Dargavel E:

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