Public talk online: Jennifer Deger and Paul G Wunungmurra, “Renewing Worlds Together”

04 Oct Public talk online: Jennifer Deger and Paul G Wunungmurra, “Renewing Worlds Together”

Renewing worlds together: notes from the beach

Riding connective currents of image, sound, and WiFi, long-time collaborators Paul G Wunungmurra and Jennifer Deger will reflect on beaches as increasingly complex zones of love and concern.

Monday 17 October 2022, 3.00PM – 4.00PM
Location: Online (Zoom)
Host: Sydney Environment Institute, The University of Sydney

How can a beach teach us to live more deeply connected lives? How might hanging out at beaches — albeit in this instance, via computer screens and speakers — cultivate an appreciation of sand and saltwater as sources of moral instruction and restorative joy? This presentation will be an experiment in form and voice orchestrated between north-east Arnhem Land and Sydney.

Showing work-in-progress from their Australian Research Council funded project, Raŋipuy, Jennifer Deger and Paul G. Wunungmurra will discuss how this beach-based work enables them to extend shared commitments to co-creative forms of making and thinking — and how this, in turn, informs their vision for the newly established Centre for Creative Futures at Charles Darwin University.

Jennifer Deger and Paul G Wunungmurra are co-founders and co-directors of the Centre for Creative Futures, Charles Darwin University, established in 2022. They are also co-founders of Miyarrka Media, an intergenerational and intercultural arts collective based at Yalakun outstation in east Arnhem Land. They are both leading two current ARC projects, Raŋiŋur: A Yolngu digital art of renewal and Caring for Cosmologies: Making Living Maps for West Miyarrka.

For further information and to register please visit the SEI website.

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